The teaching may be slightly affected by the pandemic situation as it is harder to predict how many participants and teachers we will have. I still think it will be great and we will make it work somehow. Perhaps groups will have slightly more people than usual, or there will be more global lessons, we will see... I am sure it will be fun and you'll learn something :-D.

So far we have two confirmed teachers:

Yahoo, we are very happy to announce that Radek Nechanicky is going to be one of the full time teachers this year. He is a legendary player that has won the Czech Championship 8* and to this day is beating top Czech players such as Jan Hora, Jan Prokop, Ondrej Kruml and at the last tournament even Lukas Podpera. It would be a shame to miss the opportunity to study under such master! Jan Prokop, Ondřej Kruml, Jan Šimara.

We'll keep you updated :]