Let's check who the teachers gonna be...!

Pavol Lisý 2p: Palko is one of our very loyal teachers, that we are greatful to. Currently one of the super stars of European go scene, with his rating reaching heavenly hights of 2752, he can answer any question you ask him! So come prepared :P

Pal Balogh 6d: The self called king of planet (but agreed upon with many), has also accepted our teaching offer. As he has studied in japan during his youth, his go is built on a very solid base. His lessons are always accompanied with good mood, as he can connect to with the pupils at many different levels. If you haven't had the chance to experience his teaching, do not miss this opportunity.

Jan Hora 6d: Jan Hora is one of longterm absolute top Czech players. In the previous year he managed to defeat Lukáš Podpěra 7d in Go Baron title 3:2, so you can see his go is top notch! He is a complexly thinking person and therefore we are expecting very interessting lessons with focus set on the students.

Jan Šimara 6d: Jan is usually teaching only the afternoon lessons, but he teaches them well. His way of speach from Kostelec town and his cristal clear comments make him one of the most popular teachers.

Liu Fan 4p: Last but not least, we are happy to introduce mr. Liu Fan from China, that is going to hold a workshop about "how to teach go". Especially if you thinking about opening a go club, do not miss this seminary!