Hotel Reoneo is the main place where our go equipement is. It is where we eat and play go. The hotel is not entirely ours, but perhaps if we have enough participants it could be. Nevertheless there is a room just for us where we eat and play and drink. So you dont need to worry for us to mix too much with people from the outside.

Penzion u Čarodějky/ Pension at the Witch's is few meters from the hotel Reoneo. That cottage is fully ours, also some lessons take place there, but it is also the place where the night parties finish. Lots of boardgames are usually located there.

The Wifi there it not good all that. There is 4G outside of the cottage, but inside it really depends on the gods of Wifi.

We recommend checking our photo gallery from 2021, so that you have an idea how the camp feels :)