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At long last! The number of SImembers extends again today... and with what quality. We are glad to present two wonderful ladies joining our side today, it is SIck and SIrachel!

SIck is part of the crew for a long time, but her official presentation got delayed because of the imba incompetance of the webpage updaters. SIck has a devious mind of a gamer and is an extreme troll on the internet and in real life, so be careful when around! You may be fooled without even noticing! Appart those essenssial abilities she is our very dear friend and has a neverending supply of imbaness, which she spread to the world joyfully :)

SIrachel's addmition to the clan was rather unusuall. The clan official's received a letter claiming there has been a mistake and that she no longer sees her name in the SImemeber list, asking us to add back. Of course it is impossible to fool the imbas. In a split second we realised what she was aiming for... But on the other hand the courage she pulled and the originality of her trickery has been determined of high caliber and so the voting for her membership began. It became very fast obvious that an other lady in the team would be more then welcome. Close to everybody voted for her immediate acceptance - except for two imbas which were asking her to show some more... :D. In the end we were more then happy to accept her among our ranks. SIrachel is one of those people always overflowing with happiness and jokes. Her sense of humor is exceptional and we are sure she will be one of the most prominent members!

Lets welcome SIck and SIrachel to our clan! We promis we did not accept them only because of their incredible beauty but mostly for their exceptional skillz.

The SI clan gladly welcomes SIpepe among their members.

His rise into the SI clan went very fast, as it took less then a month to the council to vote for his admission. With good recommendation and only prise there was no trouble for him to make it in. He is strong, he is handsome, he is SIpepe!

We are glad to welcome SIben, SIkai and SIsaimon among our members!!

SIben has become one of the most active members and is spreading imbaness at the speed of light!

SIkai is currently out for a business trip. Hopefully his IMBA is influencing people at the international level.

Last but not least the godly SIsaimon has joined our community. With a physical strength great then the famous SIkachnak, his flexibility that destroyed the day for several dan players and his voice that brought many girls to their knees, the SIclan couldn't have wished for a better member. Good luck to all !!

A new game added!

A new game was added in the "Games" tab.
It's between SIscurge and Califa. A lot of action is going on so be sure not to catch a heart attack.
You've been warned...